Greetings former Covid prisoners!

After a long bout with writers block, I have returned. Recently my wife (she who must be obeyed) and I went to visit our daughter in Washington state. She lives near the Olympic National Park. We did all the touristy things, we went to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. We also went to the HOH rain forest on the western side of the park. Believe this or not, it was raining and it was a forest. This national park is huge. A couple hour drive to each destination, Hurricane Ridge on the eastern side and the rain forest on western side. This was a much needed vacation for my wife and I. Unfortunately the time spent with loved ones goes by way too fast. I will explain these three pictures, while I was setting up my camera, my daughter’s cat, Sparty, sat and posed for this, because he is a photogenic cat. The picture of the Olympic mountain range was taken from her driveway. What a beautiful sight every day. And finally here we are at the base of giant wet tree. I was glad to be on vacation and I’m glad to be back home working again. I am here for any and all of your drain care needs. Call me at 651-338-6254.

Thank you for reading this.
Steve the Pro