Greetings former Covid prisoners. It again has been a while since my last posting. As many of you are aware of, the Holiday season is upon us. Soon you’ll have a house full of well meaning friends and relatives who might have caused a back up in your kitchen sink, or various other drain lines in your home. (Cue dramatic music…. da da daaaaa…) Fear not for your old buddy Steve the Pro can solve these blockage issues for you. The picture accompanying this post was just recently taken at a customer’s home. They had someone staying over and the refrigerator was emptied into disposer, causing this. It does not look as bad as it was. It took me over an hour and many times running cable and blade through to finally get drainage. If you are having a similar problem, or would like to schedule a preventive maintenance for any line in your home, please call me 651-338-6254.

Thank you for reading.
Steve the Pro