Get a Real-Time Sewer Line Video Inspection!

When your main line has a clog, it’s hard to know exactly what’s causing it. Unlike a drain under a sink, we can’t easily take it apart to remove whatever caused the issue. The main line, also called the sewer line, goes from your home to your septic tank or city connection. Essentially, it’s the main transport that connects all of the drains in the home, and it’s harder to reach. When a clog happens there that can’t be cleared through other means, your yard will have to be dug up to replace the clogged pipe. Knowing exactly what’s causing the clog requires some extra tools, so call on Steve the Pro and his main line video inspection technology!

During a main line video exam, we use high-resolution camera inspection technology to get clear footage of your main line. The camera rests at the top of a rod that we insert into the sewer line, and the tool is flexible so we can easily maneuver it through the pipes. Real-time footage is captured so we can evaluate the problem immediately and start thinking of a solution.

Routine Cleaning & Main Line Video Inspection

When you schedule an annual preventative cleaning with our drain cleaning specialist, we can also check the main line with our video equipment. Sometimes we find issues that the home technically isn’t responsible for since it’s in the city’s sewer line, but we can still let the city know that there’s an issue. If left alone, it could affect multiple homes on the block.

Thanks to our main line video inspection technology, we can see exactly what’s causing the problem whether it’s due to natural deposit buildup, too much baking soda cleaner, or roots in the sewer line. Whether you’re calling us for a clog or routine drain cleaning, Steve’s Professional Sewer & Drain Cleaning has the experience and tools to solve your main line cleaning issues!

Mission Statement

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To treat your home like it is my own by tarping and toweling the area I will be working in to keep the mess at a minimum.
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To ensure all drains are flowing at optimum capacity.
To NOT commit to work that is beyond my abilities.

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