Greetings former Covid Prisoners,

As most of you are aware, I don’t take myself too seriously, and today’s blog post will be further proof of that. I am in the men’s league golf at a local course near my home. The picture above was taken on the pathway between the 5th and 6th holes at Brightwood Hills in my home town. Brightwood is an executive 9 hole course and is challenging in the fact that most of the fairways are tightly tree lined and the greens are elevated and very small. This picture was taken on the pathway between the 5th and 6th holes.  The pin was placed on the right side of the green. So I let fly with my shot, and it hit the green on the right side, and rolled down the hill into a gulley. So I got my 60 lob wedge, took a few practice swings to get the right momentum, and hit the ball. Instead of the beautiful arching shot my minds eye pictured, I instead ended up taking a slap shot. (Wrong Sport). After watching this missile take off, I had a few choice words, and started the process of going up the hill to retrieve this errant shot. As I got to the green, I was greeted with peals of laughter because the ball hit the golf cart of the group ahead of us. After seeing this, I too had a good laugh. The beer lady came around and I figured this would be a good time to enjoy this oddity.

If you have any drains in your home that are acting odd, call me at 651-338-6254 and I will help that drain back to normalcy. Thank you for reading this!