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Maintain the Lines

Don’t let drain back up, or deposit build up, prevent your home’s sewer and drain lines (kitchen, bathrooms, laundry) from working correctly. Steve’s Professional Sewer & Drain Cleaning provides you with expert knowledge and services for your sewer and main line maintenance (including main line video inspection).

There are many benefits to getting your drains professionally cleaned, and it’s generally recommended to get it done once a year. Some of those benefits include:


    Grime, minerals, fats, and other substances will build up on your drains over time. Even if you try to avoid large debris like hair or food waste going down the drains, clogs will still happen. A routine cleaning helps prevent this.

    Avoiding odors

    Dirty drains usually leave an odor as bacteria and sometimes even mold grows there. Left unchecked, those smelly drains can affect your whole home and the air quality. Your drains won’t be the only happy ones after a clean—your family will breathe easier too.

    Avoiding costly repairs

    Routine cleanings can actually reduce the need for emergency drain repairs and improve the overall lifespan of your main lines.

    After an evaluation, we can determine the current state of your home’s drains and provide our recommendations. Our expert drain cleaning specialist works with you to make sure your home receives routine line maintenance for all drain lines in your home.

    Don’t Try This At Home

    There is common misconception on the internet that to keep your drain open you should pour salt, baking soda, and water down your drain. This is false information and it will instead create tough buildup on your sewer lines…

    Keep your drains and lines running smoothly with routine maintenance—the right way. For a video inspection of your main lines, assistance, or to speak directly with Steve, please call him at 651-338-6254.

    Mission Statement

    To have fair pricing and try to give you the best value for your money.
    To take great pride in my work and do the job correctly to the best of my ability.
    To treat your home like it is my own by tarping and toweling the area I will be working in to keep the mess at a minimum.
    To have all the necessary tools and equipment to do the job correctly the first time.
    To ensure all drains are flowing at optimum capacity.
    To NOT commit to work that is beyond my abilities.

    You're Good to Go With Steve the Pro!