Greetings lockdown prisoners.  I hope you had a merry Christmas and are enjoying a happy new year as well.  Since my last post I have done a bunch of kitchen sinks with varying degrees of disgusting, but alas, this is the business I am in.  One of my customers learned on the internet that if you put egg shells through your food disposer, that will help to keep the blades sharp.  There are no blades in a disposer, but there is a grinding plate.  Needless to say the kitchen line got clogged with egg shells.  I cleared the shells and then ran the line, and it is now draining as fast as possible. 

Now to the picture, here I am wearing the most fashionable attire to let the dogs out to do their business in the winter. Do you like the winter muklaks?  If you’ve learned something from the internet and it caused a back up in your house, please call me at 651-338-6254. Steve the Pro