I have been having some fun posting pictures of various attempts at plumbing. In my last post I showed what I refer to as the handyman special and also how one of the big boys failed to clean it up, and how it looked after I cleaned up the drain line. Today’s installment is called Grampa’s Plumbing. In order to get the correct Grampa voice, you have to make it come from da back of da troat and pinch it off a bit so it might hurt a bit when you say, “Who needs a plumber any way. Da pipes just screw together and look it works just fine. ” This particular job was a beast from the beginning. I first tried to clean the kitchen sink line, but when gramps put in “da new drain ” he put a “wye pipe” (think the letter Y) in the basement for easier access. Unfortunately my cable followed the natural curve of the pipe and blew out the side that was installed incorrectly. So I corrected this by installing it (the new Y pipe) correctly. I then checked on the operation of the disposer and the bearings were really growling when it was running. The customer gave her approval to replace the disposer, and I corrected Grampa’s plumbing. I have found a lot of these types of plumbing nightmares and I usually take a picture so I can put it back together the way i found it, if I haven’t corrected the plumbing. If you have grampa plumbing under your kitchen sink and would like your kitchen sink line cleaned, please call me at 651-338-6254 and I would be glad to help you out.